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We were fortunate to engage the expertise of Rob from DEUCE PR to enhance the media interest surrounding our North Atlantic Ocean row. Our unique expedition required skillful storytelling, and after an extensive consultation, Rob crafted an exceptional pitch and strategy. He diligently ensured that our entire team was not only satisfied but also felt comfortable with the message they would be disseminating to the public.

To our astonishment, within a matter of days, journalists from both local and national outlets, including major tabloids and reputable broadsheets, were seeking more information about our endeavor. The result was a wave of coverage that surpassed our expectations as we secured spots on national news channels such as CH5, ITV, and Sky.

The icing on the cake is that a documentary is currently in the works, immortalizing our journey.

The success of this media campaign was beyond our expectations, and we are extremely thankful for Rob's invaluable contributions and unwavering dedication.

Matt Mason

DEUCE PR got in contact with me when they heard about my unfortunate story of my dog eating my Playoff Final tickets.
Despite reaching out to the club and Wembley I had no response.
Then Rob got in touch as he was genuinely concerned that I wouldn’t get to see my team. 
The next day I was on Talksport, in the Daily Mail, the Daily Star as well as local media outlets (Central news, BBC Radio WM, Free Radio and Birmingham Live).
The coverage was incredible, and Rob handled it all for me.

Andrew Talbot

I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Rob, who not only provided me with invaluable exposure but also exuded professionalism in every aspect. His genuine concern for the outcome of our work made the experience truly enjoyable and rewarding.


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