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Rob Saunders from DEUCE PR

Run by Rob Saunders (pictured), DEUCE PR is a new public relations agency dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our clients.
With a focus on strategic storytelling, media relations, and brand elevation, Deuce PR helps individuals and organizations navigate the ever-evolving media landscape and build meaningful connections with their target audiences.

For information on how DEUCE PR can help you, please email 


Introducing DEUCE PR, an innovative venture born from the success of DEUCE MUSIC, our esteemed sister company.

Since its establishment in 2007, DEUCE MUSIC has tirelessly propelled countless independent bands and artists into the spotlight through radio promotion.  Now, we proudly extend our expertise to the realm of public relations, catering not only to music ventures but also to a wide range of non-music projects.


Inspired by the unfortunate reputation that plagues many PR agencies, notorious for their exorbitant fees and lacklustre results, DEUCE PR offers a refreshing alternative that is both distinctive and adaptable to fit any budgetary constraints.  


After a nominal one-time payment to craft a captivating press release, DEUCE PR partners with you on a mutually agreed-upon rate, solely based on the exposure your project receives.  In the improbable event that you do not garner any visibility, rest assured, no fee will be incurred.  


This pioneering approach ensures that our esteemed clients do not bear any financial burden, while simultaneously igniting our unwavering commitment to produce remarkable outcomes for each and every project we undertake.  


Whether you have an enthralling story, an emerging brand, a ground-breaking project, or anything else yearning to be heard by the masses, we invite you to reach out to us at for a complimentary consultation.   


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